Ashley Clark

Ashley lives in the Dallas area with her husband Adam and two little boys. She serves in teen ministry and as a worship leader at their home congregation, Oak Stone. She’s written many Christian blogs and is passionate about reaching the younger generations with raw honesty and helping others to see things in a way they maybe hadn’t before. 

Seminar – “Christian Courtship in a Dating World.”  Dating is tough, but dating as a Christian is even tougher. Is today’s dating system broken? What’s the difference between dating and courting? How do we put God first while also pursuing a future spouse? How do we know if we’ve found the one? What are some potential pitfalls and heartbreaks that can be avoided when we court rather than date? How do things like “always being in a relationship,” premarital sex and shame, and unrealistic expectations affect our future marriages? 

Ashley explains, “As a couple that’s been married seven years, and has made many mistakes in our dating and married lives, we hope to share some insight into lessons we’ve learned the hard way as well as offer encouragement as you take on the battle of Christian courtship in a modern world.”