Mike Bacon

Mike Bacon has been observing God’s festivals for 50 years and has had a career as a city, county, and park planner and is a licensed landscape architect. Born and raised near Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!), he now hails from Chino Valley, Arizona where he enjoys tending to his two acres while living an active lifestyle and has a wide range of interests: from history to the outdoors and he has been known to ride a steel horse (i.e. motorcycle).

Mike was an active member of the WCG and gradually disembarked from 1988-1990. Since 2005 he has been fellowshipping primarily with the Messianic community. While he was learning more about it, he facilitated “Our Father’s Festival”–a regional festival site in 2008-9 under the sponsorship of four fellowships: (1 COG and 3 Messianic). The underlying reason for the festival’s success was because Mike believes in the building of commonalities among believers since many are at different levels of spiritual growth. In his attempt to learn more about the Messianic theology, he wrote a paper that later became a book entitled The Hebrew Roots Movement. The fourth edition of the book in PDF format is available for free on the internet.

Seminar – Hidden Messages from God’s Feast? It has been said by various theologians that prophecy is pattern and that  “God is a God of Patterns.” We will explore some of the lesser-known patterns revealed in Scripture. These patterns will include the meanings of words, agricultural terms, and possible spiritual patterns of the OT laws. Are these patterns just coincidences? Are they just there for filler material to round out a story? Or is something more to be communicated to us?

The relevance and meaning of these patterns will ultimately be for each one to consider and explore–because some things are still a mystery until He returns. Nevertheless, these patterns should give us believers encouragement and even greater affirmation that God is and has always been in control, that his feast days stand firm for us to observe and that we should be diligent in overcoming and in our personal relationship with our Creator.