Note: Changes are being made to update everyone accordingly.

If you wish to register to attend the feast at Shepherd of the Ozarks in Harriet, Arkansas hosted by the North Texas Fellowship, please visit https://northtexasfot.org/register


Shepherd of the Ozarks offers a variety of premier accommodations that are relaxing, comfortable, and amenity-rich. Choose from lodges with beautiful views of Big Creek. All accommodation choices are peaceful and convenient and truly offer a unique lodging experience.

The resort has many lodges as primary choices for accommodations: hotel-style rooms offering King and 2 Queen Beds each with a private bath. PLEASE go to their website https://sotocamp.com/lodges for descriptions of the various lodges available, as there are several to choose from.

On average, each room is at the rate of $155/night, however, our intent is to occupy entirely each lodge we intend to use based on the number we register. Below are lodge rates per night so you can get a good idea of the overall cost that we intend to break down from based on need.

Indian Bluff …Normal rate of $1550.00 so the $155.00 per room per night works to your favor

Big Creek…. $1750.00 per night so the $155.00 per room per night works to your favor

Eagles Watch $805.00 per night so the $155.00 per night works a bit to your favor

Smiling Elk.. $530.00 per night… so we will charge the 1 family group $530.00

Mini Lodge …$355.00 per night but we will charge the $310.00

We still would need to establish a rate for the singles who may be in a bunk room situation, rather than in a private bedroom.

All reservations will be secured by your registration.

In our efforts to place families in lodges of their choosing, we’re wanting to consider putting families with small children together. It will be very important to consider each other’s privacy in each lodge.

Contact John Snyder for more info (johnlsnyder3@gmail.com)

There are no camping or RV sites available on the property. However, there are several campgrounds/RV sites in the nearby area.