Speakers include those delivering devotionals, interactive seminars, sermon formatted messages, children and teen studies.

  • Patti HastenPatti Hasten

    Patti Hasten first started attending the Church of God as a child in 1963. Born in Lancaster, PA she later attended Ambassador College in Big Sandy, TX and Lee College in Baytown, TX.  She is the mother to three wonderful children, Brandy Webb, Chris Hewitt and Heather Hewitt.  Currently living in Pasadena, TX, she has also lived in three other states during her lifetime, settling in Texas for the last 36 years.  She enjoys spending time visiting and helping family and friends, outdoors doing yardwork, and taking care of her dog, Bodhi.

  • Dusti HowellDusti Howell

    Dusti and his wife live in Emporia, Kansas. They both completed international missions trips while at Ambassador College before graduating from there in the late 80’s.  In 2008, along with their three kids, they took a sabbatical to teach hill-tribe students at Legacy Institute, an independent Sabbath keeping school in northern Thailand. After over two decades of teaching Instructional Design and Technology courses at the university level, he and his wife are now creating Bible based courses for Common Faith Academy. They are also working on an online happiness course, book and seminar to combat the rising wave of depression covering the globe.


  • Mark FrickMark Frick
    Mark was raised in South Carolina, youngest of 2 boys and 5th out of 7 children. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, family life centered around church and the family water well drilling business. After leaving home and graduating from Ambassador College in Big Sandy, Texas, life’s adventures eventually landed him in the arctic northland of Minnesota where he met and married Wendi, his wife of 23 years. Together, they’ve been blessed with 4 beautiful children, 2 boys and 2
    girls. In 2004 they embarked upon a dream of a self-sufficient homestead starting with a parcel of raw land and living in a travel trailer while Mark launched into a self-build barndominium which is a fancy term for Pole Shed house. They now share their east central MN homestead on the tundra with a flock of poultry and a beloved siberian husky. The Frick Family Farm doesn’t support itself, so Mark carved out a career in Information Technology that spans the past 20+ years. When he’s not working to keep IT operations afloat for his employer, he enjoys the warmer weather outdoors with backpacking, camping, kayaking, dual-sport moto, and being submersed in and surrounded by the beauty of God’s wonderful creation.
    Just over a decade ago, the Frick’s youngest son was born and their family’s journey of raising a paraplegic began. Although the challenges have been and continue to be significant, they’ve been immersed in a growing deepening appreciation and empathy for those whose lives are impacted by disabilities of all types and have had their eyes opened to how much of life is so easily taken for granted. This has ignited a passion for belief in and sharing the promises of God, His plan of redemption for all, and a yearning for the time when there will be restoration to fullness of life
  • Patrick and Jeannie HindsPatrick and Jeannie Hinds

    Patrick and Jeannie Hinds live and work in rural Middle Tennessee on a hobby farm. Patrick owns and operates Choice One Recruiting, and Jeannie is Troop Coordinator for American Heritage Girls and active in the homeschool community. They have been involved in ministry through teaching and music for quite awhile. Married for 24 years and the parents of six children ages 22 to 5, Patrick and Jeannie have experienced the best and worst of family relationships and are passionate about continuing to grow and helping others experience peace and joy in their families.

  • Bob McCombBob McComb
    Married to my cherished wife Lisa for 26 years.  Have two precious daughters, Rebekah and Melody.  Baptized for 38 years. Regularly attend church w/ the CGI, also other COG groups. Live a pleasant life in Tyler, Texas.  Have been employed w/ the City of Tyler Municipality for 21 years supervising the Traffic Engineering Sign Department. Enjoy Bible studies, serving the COG/ advancing Jesus and the Kingdom, vegetable gardening, healthful diet as a pescatarian, rocks and minerals, outdoors/ God’s creation, statistics, psychology, economics, keeping-up our home and yard, and our family cat.
  • Emily SnyderEmily Snyder

    Emily Snyder is the daughter of John and Maria Snyder and sibling to Andrew and Alene Hope. Adopted from China when she was 2, she was brought to the states and has grown up in North Texas since. She is always cuddling with her poodle puppy, Tulip (as seen in the picture) and is constantly spoiling her puppy with head massages and tummy scratches. She enjoys anything arts related and is looking to pursue a degree and career in the arts field. She loves to make others smile by playing the violin and singing at church. She was recently baptized a month ago after having an epiphany at her school retreat. She hopes to continue to grow in her skills so that she can spread meaningful messages through art and speech.

  • Aaron BakerAaron Baker

    Aaron and Lori, married for 30 years, have three sons. Over the last couple of years, they have gained a wonderful daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Aaron grew up in a very loving, biblical-based home and has kept the seventh-day Sabbath and holy days all his life. He has worked as a professional goldsmith for 30 plus years and enjoys semi-professional hobbies in music and woodworking, meaning he has earned just enough money from both to buy a toy or tool every now and then to support his habit. In 2010, Aaron says God gave him a gentle tap and asked if he was done just sitting on the church bench and ready to fully engage in a relationship with Him. He was and did.  Since then, he can’t wait to share with others just how real God is and what He does for us on a minute-by-minute basis.

  • Robin ClaryRobin Clary

    Robin Clary grew up in Minnesota and began attending a seventh-day Sabbath church at the age of 12. She and her husband, Tim, have been married for 31 years and have raised three great kids, the oldest two of whom are married. They currently live in Georgia on a mini-farm where they have a garden, sheep, chickens, guinea fowl, rabbits, a donkey, and a Great Pyrenees. Robin currently hosts a weekly Bible study in her home on the Sabbath.

  • John SnyderJohn Snyder

    John, who also goes by Johnny, a native of Big Sandy, Texas, lives in McKinney, Texas. He and his wife Maria Marcela from Bogota, Colombia, have been married for 22 years and have three children ages 19, 16, and 9, two of which are adopted. John has over 28 years experience working in the field of information technology and has his masters from Boston University. He completed his undergraduate degree in theology from Ambassador University in Big Sandy. The Snyders have been active in hosting fellowships in their home since 2001 in an effort to foster open communication and hope to live and teach what it means to be a living sacrifice.

  • Brandy WebbBrandy Webb

    Brandy lives in Avinger, Texas, on 23 acres with her husband, Joshua, and their two children, Jazmyn and Asher. She is a homeschooling mom, blogger, telecommute office assistant, and is trying to learn farming. She loves to write and sing. She also enjoys fellowshipping with others and strives hard to follow God’s ways. She is very grateful that our God is patient and forgiving. Brandy was born in Du Bois, Pa., but has called Texas her home since she was seven years old.

  • More SpeakersMore Speakers

    More speaker bios will be coming soon. Speakers include devotionals, interactive seminars, main messages and children and teen groups.


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    Maria Snyder

    Children’s class assistant: Sarah Boehm